View Order Form

The 'View Order Form' option on your eShowcase Admin menu, allows you to quickly view your order form.

To view the order form, simply click on the View Order Form option, and you'll see your order form, which should look something like this:


The 'View Order Form' option from the admin menu shows your order form in 'unsecure' mode and is intended as a quick way for you to view changes to your order form.

To see latest changes

Most Internet browsers 'cache' or store in memory Internet pages the first time they are viewed. If they are viewed a second time, the page is usually shown as stored in memory, rather than as it exists on the web sites.

For this reason, after you make changes to the order form, when you view it, you may not see those changes.  If there is any doubt, press and hold the shift button on your keyboard, and then click the 'refresh' or 'reload' button on your browser.  This will force a page reload.