Program Overview

eShowcase is a software tool that makes it possible for you to quickly create an easy-to-navigate Internet eCommerce site, which can include:

eShowcase gives you the power to have your own fully operational eCommerce site on the Internet.

Best of all, no programming knowledge is required, and you have full control of the look and content of your site.

What is an eShowcase site?

An eShowcase site is a full featured Internet business site, with the ability to accept and process orders and inquiries from visitors.

eShowcase sites typically include many pages of product listings (usually with photos), and provides an easy way for customers to order products, or request more information.

eShowcase sites are designed to look good, load fast, and give customers a good impression about your business. A typical eShowcase site will display a main page something like this:


You can quickly customize your pages so that the logo, the headlines, the text and the page background meet your needs.  Everything is done through simple  point and click menu selections, and no programming is required.

From any page within an eShowcase site, customers can quickly access other pages, including the Order Form, as well as the View Listings page - where your product listings are displayed.

To view your product listings, or to go directly to the order form, all a visitor needs to do is click the 'View Listings' button or 'order Form' button.  Doing so will take them to the page of their choice.  (they can also reach the 'Search Listings' page, the 'contact us' page, the 'Who We Are' page, and any other pages which might create).

Unlike other sites on the Internet, your visitors don't have to click multiple links to try to find your products.  Everything is designed to be easy-to-use, quick-to-load, and make a good impression on the Internet visitor.

For example, if a visitor to your site clicks on the view all listings link, they will be presented with a screen that looks something like this:


From the View All Listings screen, the Internet visitor can see a brief description of all the products or listings in your eShowcase site, and by clicking on the description of the item, visitors can see full details of the listing along with photos (if you have included photos in the listing).

The number of listings is not limited, and there is even a search feature on the listings page to make it easier to find listings that include exact words or phrases.

If you have told eShowcase to build an order form for you, each item in the listings page that has a price, automatically appears on the order form.

When a visitor clicks a listing description, they will see a page similar to the one below:


Each eShowcase page can include the listing headline, the listing price, a listing number, a listing description, two photo files, and the contact email of the agent or person handling the listing.

With eShowcase it's extremely easy to create these listings pages. You simply fill out the Add New Listing form, and eShowcase  instantly creates the web pages for you. You don't have to know a thing about creating Internet pages, because eShowcase does it for you!

eShowcase even makes it easy for visitors  to contact you .  By pressing the 'Contact us about this listing' button, eShowcase will automatically send you email providing contact information for  customers wanting more information, or wanting to buy or bid on products you have listed.

eShowcase takes care of everything for you.  It creates the Internet pages, the product listings pages, the showcase pages, and the email pages.   You simply tell eShowcase what products to build pages for, and it does the rest!

The Order Form

eShowcase can automatically build an order form that has all your products in it, along with prices, making it easy for your customer to place Internet orders.

When the customer visits the order form, they simply fill out the customer information fields, select the products they want, enter the method of payment and requested shipping method, and eShowcase does the rest.

The order form calculates the order total, computes state and VAT tax (if you have requested it to do so), adds in shipping costs (as you have set them), and presents the customer with an order confirmation page.

When the customer clicks the 'place order' button on the confirmation page, they are sent a 'thank you for your order' email, with order details. Any you are sent the complete order via email.

It's eCommerce made easy!

Types of Applications Created

The eShowcase system is ideal for:

In fact, almost any business that has products for sale.

With eShowcase a business can create a commercial site showcasing its products on the Internet  in just a few minutes.  And the business owner can maintain that site without the need for outside computer expert help.


eShowcase was designed to fit the needs of most small to medium size applications.  However, if you have many hundreds or even thousands of items to sell, the eShowcase system may not suit your needs.