Other eShowcase Features

eShowcase includes a number of additional features that are quite useful.  A brief discussion of these follows:

Keyword Search

A built in function of eShowcase is the ability to allow your visitors to search for product listings that include specific key words.

The search can be initiated from any page on your site by pressing the Search button, which will display a screen as below:


Upon entering one or more key words, and pressing the 'Start Search' button, eShowcase will search all your product listings and quickly return those listings that include the specified key words.

The results page will appear as follows:


To view the products with descriptions that include the found keywords, the visitor simply clicks on the page headline.

If the search returns no finds, the visitor is given the opportunity to search again using a different combination of keywords.

Note: The search feature searches listings only within your eShowcase listing directory, thus retaining the privacy of any other files you may have on your site.

Auto Email

When visitors view a listing in your eShowcase site, they have the option of pressing a button and instantly sending you an email identifying the item they are interested in by ID number and headline.

This makes it easy for visitors to request more information about any listing page they are viewing.

When they press the button (the label of the button is set by changing the Button Message in eShowcase parameter setup), they will see the following:


 By completing the form, and pressing the 'Send Message' button, you will be alerted by email of this customer's interest.