Exploring Your eShowcase Site

Usually the first thing you'll want to do with your eShowcase site is check out all the features to make sure they work the way you want. In most cases, eShowcase will be already installed for you, and running it requires you only to visit your Admin page and enter your company address.

eShowcase Admin Menu

The eShowcase Admin Menu is the 'control center' of your eShowcase site, and it is from this control center that you manage and customize your eShowcase site.

To access your eShowcase Admin Menu, you need to be on the Internet, and you need to enter the following Internet address in your Internet browser:


In the above address, substitute your eShowcase host name for 'hostsite' and your folder name for 'yourfolder'.  (You probably received email from your host identifying both of these.)

If you do this correctly, you will see the following screen.


When you see the password screen, enter the following passwords (use these until you change them):

Username     test

Password:    test

Click the 'Check Password' button, and you should see the eShowcase Admin Menu screen.

eShowcase Admin Menu Screen

The eShowcase Admin Menu screen is the heart of eShowcase.  From here, you can add listings, remove listings, edit listings, change your password, change the way your eShowcase looks and operates, and view all the listings as your customers would view them.

The eShowcase Admin Menu looks like this:


By simply clicking on a menu selection, you can quickly perform the procedure of your choice.

From this menu screen, you have complete control over all the functions of eShowcase.  In fact, anyone who has your password can, from any computer in the world, make changes to your eShowcase site.

For that reason, it is a good idea to not share your password with anyone.  And it is also a good idea to change your password regularly.  (Especially if you ever let anyone else access your eShowcase main menu!)

Note: It's a good idea to bookmark the eShowcase password screen - this makes it easy to find and run eShowcase.

Admin Menu Options

The eShowcase Admin Menu provides easy access to all the features of the program.  To activate any menu selection, you simply click on it.

You can test the menu features at any time.  But before you let others see your site,  you'll probably want to customize eShowcase to reflect your own business.

In the next two chapters - 'Change eShowcase Settings', and 'Change Order Form Settings', you'll see how to do that.