Edit Existing Listings Menu Option

Quite often, you'll find you want to change information in a product listing on your eShowcase site.  Using the 'Edit Existing Listings' menu option, you can easily change the following information:

You cannot, however, change photos.  If this is something you wish to do, delete the listing, and re-enter the information with the new photos.

When you select the Edit Listings option, you will first see a selection of the listings that can be edited.  It will look like this:


This list presents all your listings in newest-to-oldest order, allowing you to quickly find the listing you wish to edit.

To select a listing for editing, simply click on the word 'edit' next to the listing you wish to edit.  When you do, you'll see a screen similar to the one below:


To make changes, simply type over the current information in the listing with any new information you wish to add.  Then click the 'Update Listing' button, and your listing will be updated.

Upon completion of the update, you'll see a screen showing the updated information.

Listings can be updated an unlimited number of times, and all elements in the listing (except photos) can be edited.

Updated listings will reflect any recent changes you have made in the eShowcase parameter setup regarding background image, text color, etc.