Changing eShowcase Settings

eShowcase makes it easy for you to change the look and feel of your eShowcase site.  One way this is accomplished is by using the Change eShowcase Settings option from the Admin Menu.

When you select Change eShowcase Parameters, you will see a screen like this:


By changing the eShowcase settings, you can control how your eShowcase looks and responds.

eShowcase Order Form Settings

This is a complete description of each of the order form settings and how they can be used.

Before making changes to any of these settings, it is always a good idea to print the parameter settings pages from within your browser so you have a record of what the settings were before you changed them.

Applying Changes

To change any of the above parameters, enter the new information, or use the drop down menus to select a valid entry.  Then click the 'Change eShowcase Settings' button.

Important Note:

Even though you make changes in the settings, they will not show up on your site until your run the pages affected by the changes, through the 'edit pages' option.  Changes in settings are applied when pages are rebuilt.

This means that if you select 'yes' for build order form, you will need to use the menu option 'edit main pages' to force each of the main pages to be rebuilt with the latest settings.

Very Important!

Most Internet browsers 'cache' or store in memory Internet pages the first time they are viewed. If they are viewed a second time, the pages are usually shown as stored in memory, rather than as they exist on the web sites.

This can cause you to think a page has not been updated when it really has.  If there is any doubt, press and hold the shift button on your keyboard, and then click the 'refresh' or 'reload' button on your browser.  This will force a page reload.