Change eShowcase Main Pages Menu Option

When eShowcase is installed, it creates all the main pages using generic information and logos.  This makes it easy for you to see what your site could look like.

Of course, one of the first things you will want to do is to edit these main pages to reflect the specifics of your company or business.

To do this, you use the 'Change Main Pages' menu option.

Change Main Pages menu option

The Change eShowcase Main Pages option allows you to change the web pages that support your eShowcase site.  These pages include:

When changing these pages, you can quickly and easily change theheadline and body text on these pages, as well as replace your main eShowcase logo, the background image used on all entry pages, and the logo and background use on the product listings pages

When you select the Change eShowcase Main Pages option, you will see the following screen:


Using the drop down selection box, you can select the page you wish to edit from the available list.  Once the page is selected, click the 'Start Edit' button, and you will see the following screen:


You can modify the headline, the description, the logo graphic, and the background.  The logo graphic and background images should be on your computer, so they can be auto-uploaded by eShowcase.

To change the logo graphic used by all the main pages, click on the 'browse' button on the logo graphic line.  (If you don't see a 'browse' button it means your browser is probably an early version of the current release an needs to be updated.  This is especially true with AOL and I.E. browsers.)

When you click the browse button, you will see a window as shown below, pop up on your screen:


In the file upload window, change the 'Files of Type' window to say 'All Files (*.*)', and then choose the folder and file where your new logo resides.  Then highlight it, and click 'open'.

If you wish to load a new background graphic, repeat the process.

If you wish to remove a background graphic, type the word 'remove' in the background graphic file name field.

If you do select a new logo and if it is in .gif format, it will be used by all of the main pages automatically.  If it is .jpg format, you will want to edit the other entry pages, and supply the name of the logo graphic. (Logos uploaded will be renamed 'mainlogo.jpg' or 'mainlogo.gif'.)

To apply changes and upload the graphic files you have selected, click the 'Apply Changes' button.

Logo Logic

eShowcase logos work like this.  If you upload a .gif format logo or background to any of the main pages (index, aboutus, contactus, search, page1, page2, page3), that logo and background will appear on all the other main pages automatically - except the listings page.

The product listings index page (listings.html), is designed to allow you to use a different logo than on the other main pages.  This is because in most cases, you will want a smaller logo on this page and the actual product listings themselves.

By selecting a .gif format logo for the listings pages, that logo will also automatically appear on all product pages.

Note: If you choose a .jpg format logo for the listings pages, it will not automatically update logos on the product listings pages.

Keep this in Mind

Most Internet browsers 'cache' or store in memory Internet pages the first time they are viewed. If they are viewed a second time, the pages are usually shown as stored in memory, rather than as they exist on the web sites.

For this reason, after you make changes to any page, when you view that page, you may not see those changes.  If there is any doubt, press and hold the shift button on your keyboard, and then click the 'refresh' or 'reload' button on your browser.  This will force a page reload.

General suggestions about logos and backgrounds.

To make your web pages really shine, you will want to have a good looking logo graphic, but you will want to avoid the mistake of having a logo who's file size is so large that it slows down the loading of your page.

In most cases, you should have no problem creating a good looking .gif format logo with a file size of 5k or less.

An easy way to create an interesting logo is to shoot a photo of your store or business sign.  Then crop the image in a paint program, convert it to either gif or jpg format, compress it, and try it out.