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Garwood - waste handling solutions you can trust

Garwood Europe Ltd offers the product range directly to its customers.

The range which is immediately available starts with the Gopher ll, 6m3 compaction side loader fitted to either a 6,300kg chassis or 7,500kg chassis available with bin lifts up to 340 litres.

The popular Bantam 6m3 body fitted with a single or comb bin lift is able to handle up to 1,100 litres bin. The smooth sided collector not only looks good, it's extremely efficient in operation, with excellent legal payloads fitted to a 7.5 tonnes chassis. It is also available in 5m3 body size.

The Powapact range starts with the 8m3 body fitted to 11 tonnes chassis and goes up through 10m3, 14m3 to a 15m3 body which is fitted typically to a 18 tonnes chassis. Powapact 19m3 & 22m3 are available in heavy duty or domestic standard.

All equipments can be fitted with a single or wide comb bin lift for handling bins up to 1,100 litres. Integral leachate tanks are fitted to the hopper to eliminate and contain liquids leaking onto the highway on all Garwood refuse vehicles as standard as is the cleanskin body design.

All Garwood refuse vehicles operate at engine tick over which has the benefit of improved fuel consumption, lower overall maintenance costs and lower noise emissions which makes them ideal for operating in urban areas.

For further information on the Garwood range of front, side and rear end loaders contact: Garwood Europe.

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